Nana’s Baking School

the perfect festival companion to Nana’s Kitchen

Nana’s Baking School is about teaching young people new skills and sending them home happy in belly, mind and spirit


More and more festivals are looking to cater for families and children in particular, which is why we have created Nana’s Baking School.

Open from 12 noon till 4pm, we run four one hour classes where kids from five to 15 years of age can learn the simple skills of bakery – they bake cakes and then eat cakes! While the parents enjoy an hour off from the kids, we teach them how to make a fairy cake and how to create their own fondant icing animals that adorn their own cakes which they proudly take away. Over a three day festival we can teach over 100 children how to bake – leaving them with a very special memory of your festival.

Nana’s Baking School can be run alongside Nana’s Kitchen, so that festival organisers get two services in one. We feed and look after your people; we teach your young people new skills and send them all home happy in belly, mind and spirit.