Welcome to Nana’s Kitchen

the unique festival eating experience like no other


Eating at Nana’s kitchen is about feeding your belly, your heart and your soul

Borne out of a love for cooking and serving wholesome home-made food we use only the best locally sourced ingredients to provide healthy meals at affordable prices.

All of our meals are freshly prepared and cooked on the premises. We can cater for all dietary requirements including vegetarians, vegans and festival goers on a dairy and or gluten-free diet.

Hungry customers enjoy sitting in our 16-32 seat kitchen diner – this is not food on the go – and we can serve from breakfast time through to late supper.

Check out our brand new menu for 2016!

Nana’s Kitchen is a home from home eating experience where we take the time to get to know customers who invariably come back time and again because they love the food, the people and the prices.